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Wedding Finca Son Bí


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Mallorquin Wedding

After the emotional wedding ceremony at Finca Son Bí followed an aperitif accompanied by Spanish music, good mood and great atmosphere in a summer evening. It was celebrated properly even before the party started.

Entertainment was properly provided. Besides a tattoo artist (!), the guests could have fun with bull riding and jump&run game.

Many thanks to them for letting us be there and capture the emotions and moments.

We love this island and are always happy when we can capture dream weddings there. Finca Son BÍ is simply a special and magical place. Especially for our couple Paula and Enrique we were so excited. The two of them radiate pure love and fire. In a beautiful place, the two have given each other in the circle of the closest and with their wonderful little son the yes-word.

The love was felt so strongly at the wedding. In the moment when the father-daughter dance was, in the moment when the groom Enrique took his son in his arms, in the moment when the two gave gifts to their grandparents. But also in the small moments and looks. It was all the more beautiful for us to capture and record these moments. The heat of the day was no obstacle for the guests to really celebrate. Whether it was the aperitif in the garden, the dinner by the pool or the party in the courtyard - each place had a different vibe.

Amor En mallorca

You can imagine getting married in this wonderful place and being accompanied by us?

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