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Hi, we are

We are a travel-loving couple that burns for the small and big moments. Our home is in Kassel, but we love to discover new places and enjoy the sunsets from the most beautiful places in the world. In the same way we love to accompany your weddings abroad and capture them for eternity. Especially the unposed emotional moments when grandma's tears flow with pride, the groom's excitement before the First Look and all the little details that make the wedding day so special.

While one of us has a sensitivity for the small details, the other has an eye for the big picture. That means we both complement each other very well. We capture your wedding in a timeless, elegant and aesthetic story telling style.

Together we are a relaxed, fun-loving and energetic team.

It was very important to us to give our work a meaningful name.

It started with us listing our preferences and traits together.

In the process, terms such as loving, empathetic and sentimental came to mind. Derived from this, we thought of the adjective sentido in our favorite language, Spanish.

We love emotions, we love meaningful moments and especially deep sensations. The term we took in the female address, where the first two and the last two letters also make my name - Seda.




The feminine address for the verb sentir - translates sense, meaning or even deeply felt.

About fahrettin

about Seda

I like to be called "Fero" for short. Besides videography, cooking is a passion for me. I give free rein to my creativity and love to experiment and create new recipes.

I love spending time in the gym and really working out. A healthy lifestyle is an important part of my life.

I'm incredibly enthusiastic about history. The importance of historical buildings, the emergence of cultures and everything that goes with it.

I am always on the go. Especially when the sun is shining, I can't help but go out and do something or work outside.

I love the first coffee in the morning - it has already become a cozy morning ritual for me. I would love to drink my coffee by the sea every morning. The sea has such a calming and magical power on me.

Ich beschäftige mich sehr gerne mit der Psychologie und der Meditation. Ich liebe die Zeit allein, als auch mit guten Freunden.

Hochzeitsfotograf Frankfurt
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We are at your side on your wedding day, as well as before and after. Not only as a photographer, but also as a friend, contact person and advisor, so that you can enjoy every moment of your most beautiful day.

Every moment is unique in itself and every couple is individual. We capture this uniqueness and individuality in pictures. Pictures that can take you back to this moment even years later and put a smile on your face. We as a wedding photographer make this possible for you.

so much

laura & Tobias

"The photos reflect such wonderful impressions with so much warmth and love in every single picture! You have captured with your photo gallery exactly the feeling of the wedding and brought us the most beautiful moments again in memory! Thank you so much for your wonderful work - the pictures brought tears to my eyes!"